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Shady lady

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A good pair of shades has always been my must-have. Now it's more than a fashion statement, I wear my sunglasses rain or shine to hide my tired eyes.

The time has come when I can't keep the baby in the stroller for long, and when she's out, the walk turns into a chase.

Most of the days we wake up before sunrise, I hop in the shower, put on something similar to what I am wearing here, and off we go.

I can't believe I never appreciated the days when I could get ready for hours - slathering serums and creams into my face, smoothing my hair...ahhh, those days are gone for good!

P.S. My most favorite and used accessory - leopard print backpack.

Chicago River walk

Sunday, September 2, 2018

What a beautiful city Chicago is! I'll be honest though, the last year has been pretty rough and, tired of the constant noise and crowds everywhere, I was ready to move. 

I'm glad we gave it a chance and stayed. We're rediscovering Chicago with the little one. It involves a lot of planning ahead, gives us limited time and options but it's becoming more fun. We have our little adventures every week.

Bonus - baby seems to enjoy our photoshoots!

P.S. I found my Le Barf tee here!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Shaking some dust off of my animal print clothing and accessories - fall is here. I'm not at all happy about the temperature change; it's cold enough in the mornings for the heat to be on in the car but still too hot in the afternoons for a pair of pantyhose :-)

P.S. I like how the colors of my outfit mimic the store's fall decorations.

Наступило время стряхнуть пыль с одежды и аксессуаров животных окрасок и мимикрировать! 

А погода сейчас меня ставит в тупик: утром в машине без печки никак, а днем жарко даже в самых тонких колготках. (Понедельник всё-таки день тяжелый, кроме как о погоде ничего в голову написать не приходит)). Всех с началом недели!

I'm wearing Amelia snake print dress, Cole Haan Verdi bootie, Tommy Hilfiger leather blazer (old), MMS design studio clutch (Marshall's).
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