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Iris Odori Profumo Di Firenze // Review

Sunday, July 17, 2016

When I think about iris the flower, I think about classic elegance, nobility and sophistication. This flower is so beautiful yet very delicate so you can't really enjoy it cut in your vase at home, it will parish rather soon. However, it can be well preserved and lasts as a perfume note. 

Even before I was really into perfumery, I loved Iris note. Summer time is the time to wear and enjoy it.

I was lucky to get my hands on Iris Odori Profumo. The top notes are Star Anise, Heliotrope flowers and Madagascar Ylang Ylang; the middle note is Iris from Florence, and the base - Oriental Amber and Vanilla Bourbon. 

At the very first spritz, I smell Anise, Iris, and then later Vanilla. Iris is a cool note but the spicy and sweet accords keep it warm and cozy. 

Iris Odori is labeled as a men's perfume but it's quite feminine to my nose thanks to Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. I can call it unisex without a twinge of conscience. 

This fragrance is best for everyday as it's rather subtle, more of a skin scent, but on the other hand, it's not casual or simple. Iris Odori is more like an understated luxury with warm notes that add a touch of sexy.

If you like Iris, and come across this perfume (although it's getting harder to find as I think it was discontinued), give it a sniff!

Shop summer-perfect Iris perfumes:

Profumo Di Firenze 1954: Terrarossa review

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fresh. Unique. Classic. If I were to describe Profumo Di Firenze 1954: Terrarossa in just 3 words, these would be it. 

It was a blind online buy. I had never heard of this perfume before, and there was barely any information about it online, which is unusual, so I kept my expectations low. It went above and beyond any expectation I could have had though!

It's a huge, very heavy 100 ml bottle with a very masculine design, however it's very easy to wear for both sexes.

The perfume is an elegant blend of fresh citrus fruits. Top notes are vibrant and juicy with Calabrian bergamot, sweet orange and neroli from Tunisia; the heart is Indonesian nutmeg with ylang ylang from Polynesia, and Tuscan cypress; and the base reveals Haitian and Javanese vetiver.  

The blend is unbelievably pleasant, and it gives good silage. It doesn't last on skin as long as I'd like but it lasts for a couple of days on clothes. I generously spray it on my scarves and it gives an unforgettable and happy scent every time I wear or walk by it.

I'm always on the look out of something different and not mainstream, and Profumo Di Firenze 1954: Terrarossa is it for me!


Amber Flash Tauerville review

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What is amber? Well, I know amber as a semi-precious stone, which is very popular in Russia. It looks like golden warm sun but has no smell as far as I know. But I also know that amber is a very popular perfume component, usually as a base note. This is what makes scents last longer, and linger on skin hours after application.

For some reason, I usually do my research after I make my purchase, and then I begin kicking myself for making what can possibly be a wrong buy, similar to what happened this time. So, after I quickly hit the purchase button, I read more about amber.

I don't want to bore you with what I found out about amber in perfume (you can read this or this to find out more); I learned that it's usually a combination of labdanum, benzoin and vanilla, which is true for Amber Flash. The perfume also has notes of sandalwood, patchouli and cashmeran. 

As soon as I smelled Amber Flash, I recognized amber, this is what I usually smell in vintage scents and it is very reminiscent of...saliva. Sorry if it's too much, but if you lick your arm, rub it in lightly and smell the area, this is what amber smells to me, but amplified in Amber Flash. 

I don't absolutely hate the perfume, however, any wood notes tend to give me headaches, and cashmeran makes me a little sensitive towards this scent because overall I can wear amber. 

I wore it all day, and two sprays lasted a long while, I even smelled a pretty nice trail during my walk, and it blossoms outside on a cool day. The density makes Amber Flash a good winter scent.

Bottom line is, I'm not giving up. I'm planning to use the perfume in conjunction with Vanilla Flash, experiment more and see what's going to happen. I am sure, however, that it's not going to be my go to scent.

Почему-то так часто случается, я куплю что-нибудь, а потом начинаю читать отзывы и описание и понимаю, что поторопилась с покупкой.

Так и получилась с Амбер Флеш. Я, в общем смутно имею представление об амбре в парфюмах, но не была уверенна на счет солирующей амбры. Из-за любопытства и любви к парфюмам Тауэр, я купила себе флакончик сразу как он поступил в продажу.

Сначала немного о нотах. Эта композиция сложена из лабданума, ванили, бензоин, сандаловое дерево и дерево кашмеран, и пачули.

Как только я поднесла флакон к носу, сразу поняла, чем для меня пахнет амбра и этот парфюм. Амбра у меня сильнейше ассоциируется с запахом слюны, ага, не совсем приятно. А сам парфюм пахнет деревом Кашмеран и амброй. К древесным нотам я очень чувствительна и может появиться головная боль, поэтому с Амбер Флеш мне надо быть осторожней. 

Парфюм очень плотный, смолистый и сладкий, сладость особенно проявляется спустя часа три, и на одежде.

Если честно, то я не сдаюсь и проэкспериметирую смешивая Амбру Флеш с Ванилью Флеш, подозреваю, что они подойдут друг другу.

Амбер Флеш хорошо подойдет к прохладной погоде, это парфюм для мужчин и женщин.

Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Is it typical to strongly associate a certain event in your life with a fragrance that either you or somebody else was wearing at the time the event happened?

I am one of the people whose scents and memories go hand in hand. I have some fragrances that I almost never wear but I keep them as a reminder of my first "something". For example, Chanel Chance reminds me of the time when I moved to live in a different city, and started adult life away from my family.

I also have a tendency to pick a perfume specifically for traveling so that every time I smell it, it would only remind me of the time and place where I was doing something new and exciting.

That's why I love small travel size perfumes, and when I'm at Sephora, I can't help buying something new. Most of the time I prefer spray bottles, rollerballs don't seem to last and I can't wear the scent in my hair like I prefer.

I got Cedre Atlas right before my trip to Northern Michigan. This scent is one of the four scents in Atelier Cologne's Azur Collection.

Cedre Atlas attracted me with its natural freshness and masculinity. I wanted something bold yet simple and refreshing, something different from what I usually gravitate towards (spices, vanilla, powdery notes). 

Cedre Atlas can be described as a walk in a forest with fresh air and rejuvenating calmness.

The notes include bergamot, lemon, black current, cedar, jasmine, apricot, white amber, papyrus and vetiver. 

It's a unisex fragrance, however, some ladies may find it too masculine. 

Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas is perfect for summer, it's longevity is moderate, and it gives just a subtle sillage - all I need on a hot summer day!

У меня воспоминания и запахи как одно целое и часто я храню парфюм, как напоминание о каком-то моменте своей жизни. И, если запах сильно ассоциируется с прошлым, я его просто не смогу носить сейчас, несмотря на то что он мне может до сих нравится.

Например, ароматы Шанель (Мадмуазель и первый Шанс) ярко ассоциируются с моей жизнью в Питере, о чем иногда мне вспоминать приятно, но носить их я уже не могу.

Я также заметила за собой такую привычку, что перед какой-то поездкой я всегда стараюсь выбрать новый для себя аромат и небольшие пробники очень спасают. 

Заглянув в Сефору, я часто ухожу с какой-нибудь миниатюркой. Например, пару недель назад перед поездкой на озеро Мичиган, я купила Cedre Atlas от Atelier Cologne из их недавней коллекции Azur.

Подобные запахи мне несвойственны, я чаще предпочитаю что-нибудь восточное, немного сладкое или пудровое. Древесные ноты, как и ярко выраженные ноты белых цветов , у меня вызывают головную боль. 

Несмотря на то что этот аромат для меня чистый кедр, носить мне его очень легко. 

Аромат содержит ноты бергамота, лимона, черной смородины, кедра, жасмина, абрикоса, белой амбры, папируса и ветивера. Кедр Атлас может показаться мужским запахом, т.к. в нем солируют деревяшечки и ветивер. 

Для меня этот парфюм - то что надо на лето, не навязчивый, свежий и неожиданно сильный. Держится он не очень долго и дарит тонкий шлейф при нанесении на волосы.

Vanilla Flash by Tauerville

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's been a while since I was so excited about buying a new perfume; I was impatiently checking the tracking update on the UPS site several times a day. The eagerness to smell Vanilla Flash was overpowering me :).

Tauerville is the more affordable perfume line from Tauer Perfumes by Andy Tauer, favorited by many perfume lovers.

The very first Tauerville perfume was Rose Flash Parfum Extract; it garnished many positive reviews, and when I saw the notes for Vanilla Flash, I ordered it immediately based on the good reviews and the notes. Both perfumes are new and came out in 2015.

The notes in Vanilla Flash are Spices, Vanilla Bourbon, Rose, Patchouli and Tobacco. The packaging is quite modest and very simple. I'm guessing it brings the price down quite a bit.

I am a big fan of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, so I had to get this affordable version. Vanilla Flash (VF) is not exactly like Ford's Tobacco Vanille but its dry down seems quite like it. VF is spicier at the beginning, it's heavier and lasts longer than Tobacco Vanille but it also feels less sophisticated to me, and kind of raw.

It's a unisex perfume, and I have a feeling it'll give a gorgeous seductive smell to a man. And because of that, even though it's vanilla, the scent is not really a girly girl scent.

I'm not a huge fan of vanilla but I do enjoy it in combination with masculine notes.

Sadly, I don't smell Rose note on my wrist at all but I do when I smell the flacon. Actually, I like the smell directly from the bottle more than the smell on my wrist.

If you like vanilla but maybe Tom Ford perfumes seem unreasonably expensive, this is a pretty decent version to try.

Pour Homme, pour moi

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cannabis Santal perfume

I used to be so conservative in the past, and if a perfume bottle said "pour homme", I'd never look in its direction when I needed a perfume for myself. 

Nowadays, with the popularity of unisex fragrances, the lines between feminine and masculine are blurred; and my nose is quite open for different experiences.

Intrigued by the name Cannabis Santal, and ignoring the fact that  it was intended for men, I got it online for my birthday. 

It smells of chocolate, a little sweet and woodsy. I like the feelings masculine notes awake. It's hard to describe, but it's like being so close to your partner all day long that his scent stays on your skin...

Do you have/wear any men's perfumes? What's your experience?
Конопля и сантал...интригует. И я, не смотря на то, что этот парфюм предназначен для мужчин, захотела его для себя.

Хотя сейчас границы между мужскими и женскими парфюмами очень размыты и везде главенствует унисекс, для меня это первая покупка мужского парфюма.

Он пахнет шоколадом, немого сладкий и древесный. Что меня особенно цепляет - это классические мужские нотки, которые придают ощущения интима. Как будто запах бойфренда остался на коже после встречи...

Пользуетесь ли вы мужским парфюмом?

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