Lancom's La Vie est Belle Review

Monday, August 27, 2012


I am on a roll

I do not have much to say about it. Nice, many will like it, I think. It is wearable. I sprayed it on my wrist at 2 pm, it is 9 pm now I can still smell it really well. On me it is one-dimensional. I smelled pralines or burned sugar at the beginning, and now it is still the same. But it is me, I am not great at recognizing many notes.
Apparently, there is some history behind the bottle ( it is simple and pretty) and Lancome put years of work behind it. As I said, nice quality but nothing special. For the ladies who love sweet notes.
Не впечатлил. Сладкий. На себе я не чувствовала никаких цветов, парфюм сразу перешёл в конфентую стадию. Может, это просто мои ограниченные способности в распознавании нот... Многим он уже нравится и понравится. Качественный, флакон симпатичный (с историей). Для любителей сладких ароматов.

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