Profumo Di Firenze 1954: Terrarossa review

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fresh. Unique. Classic. If I were to describe Profumo Di Firenze 1954: Terrarossa in just 3 words, these would be it. 

It was a blind online buy. I had never heard of this perfume before, and there was barely any information about it online, which is unusual, so I kept my expectations low. It went above and beyond any expectation I could have had though!

It's a huge, very heavy 100 ml bottle with a very masculine design, however it's very easy to wear for both sexes.

The perfume is an elegant blend of fresh citrus fruits. Top notes are vibrant and juicy with Calabrian bergamot, sweet orange and neroli from Tunisia; the heart is Indonesian nutmeg with ylang ylang from Polynesia, and Tuscan cypress; and the base reveals Haitian and Javanese vetiver.  

The blend is unbelievably pleasant, and it gives good silage. It doesn't last on skin as long as I'd like but it lasts for a couple of days on clothes. I generously spray it on my scarves and it gives an unforgettable and happy scent every time I wear or walk by it.

I'm always on the look out of something different and not mainstream, and Profumo Di Firenze 1954: Terrarossa is it for me!


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