Beanie with a twist

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Nowadays, if I want to wear a skirt with a pair of lacy tights, I just go for it. It hasn't happened often but it has some mood boosting powers for me. 

We had such a beautiful end of October, and early November with lots of sun and warmth. We went out for picnics a lot. That's exactly what we did on this day. Now, with the cooler temps and lockdown, I'm not sure if it's going to be possible to relax outdoors just like we did, and I'm back to wearing sweats for the most part. 

I have to write a few words about this beanie with a twist (got it last year from h&m). I love it, it's so feminine, and puts an elegant touch to any outfit. I had to adjust a bit to the look though, it was just a total departure from my usual cuffed beanies.
I like pairing the beanie with the cat-eye sunglasses to achieve this retro inspired look. Anyway, I am not afraid to experiment with different hats, it's fun and an affordable way to add something new to a winter wardrobe.

Some of the best beanies with a twist I found were from Anthropology, look at this one!

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