Maple Syrup Perfume: Atelier Cologne Citron D'erable

Monday, March 29, 2021

Looks like I'm back to the perfume game. I'm really excited after I spent such a long time without smelling and trying different scents. Pregnancy and motherhood played a huge part here.

While I was pregnant, I developed a sensitivity to fragrances and remained quite sensitive during the first years of motherhood. I almost didn't use anything and gifted or sold most of my perfumes (that felt like a huge relief as I was burdened by almost full bottles hiding in every corner of my apartment).

So, now to the perfume I want to review: Atelier Cologne Citron D'erable. 

Craving a maple syrup perfume

It all started with a yogurt! Yep. One afternoon I entered my kitchen and smelled something so yummy and so familiar. I immediately started looking for the source of the smell, and soon realized it was a maple yoghurt my husband ate a couple of minutes earlier. What a great long lasting note for a perfume, I thought. 

For a few days, I was obsessively looking for a perfume with maple notes in it. Some that looked interesting to me I knew would not be long lasting (e.g. Demeter Maple Syrup), or were too gourmand (Pink Praline Soivohle), others were impossible to find as they're discontinued or sold abroad only (Bethany Noel Aeropostale). 

I narrowed it down to Atelier Cologne Citron D'erable. I'm not unfamiliar with Atelier Cologne, I have their Cafe Tuberosa and Cedre Atlas (reviewed in my Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas article ). I know their citrus perfumes are among the best. I really love the composition of the fragrance - top notes are lemon, orange and pepper; middle notes are maple sap, black currant and eucalyptus; while base notes are maple, sequoia and cedar. 

Satisfying my maple syrup craving

To me it smells as good as it sounds. It starts with lemon freshness, while citruses are still audible, maple sap appears, and it stays becoming a bit sweeter and smokier as time goes by. 

This is a very unusual scent, yet familiar and warm. Its staying power is surprisingly good, it smells fresh on clothes, and no weird, nagging or unpleasant note showed up on my skin a few hours later.

It will be especially perfect for spring and summer, and I'm waiting for a full bottle to arrive soon. I'm glad my maple syrup craving has been satisfied, and I found a unique fresh, yet warm, not too gourmand, yet yummy fragrance. I do hope they will bring back deluxe size samples as they work great at introducing to a fragrance before committing to a full size bottle.

P.S. My perfume reviews are not paid by any sellers, and I'm not affiliated to any of the perfumes mentioned. It's my honest and independent review. 

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