Fall suiting

Monday, September 28, 2020

Looking at the pictures I feel Deja vu as I've worn this suit a few years back on the blog. I decided to shop my closet as much as possible this fall as I do have a lot of favorites that I barely get the chance to wear, just like this corduroy pant suit. And with so very little opportunity to go out this year, who needs all these clothes?! (Ha-ha...I wish I could just switch off my desire to shop so easily). 

Fall always makes me excited about fashion, more than any season. I love the textures of corduroy, wool, flannel, etc., the deep autumnal colors, faux leather. 

Don't get me started on the leather trend! I've always loved a good pair of leather shorts, and currently I'm looking at bermuda shorts and, maybe, joggers. I could wear those for years. 

Back to this suit though. It's awesome. I can wear the jacket with jeans or leggings, and the pants work with cardigans and cropped sweaters. And it's warm and cozy. I wouldn't mind investing into another one just like it.
Some of the faux leather bermudas and joggers I'm currently eyeing:

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