Blocks of color

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This mohair coat is the best thing that happened to me on eBay! It's a brand new vintage, mohair and wool blend coat, lightweight, and the color is great. It's by Loring, if you're interested. These coats turn up on eBay from time to time.

The second best thing is this colorblock angora sweater. I thought I'd never wear this "apron" skirt again, but the sweater made it possible.

Несколько недель назад мне дважды повезло на eBay - я нашла это мохеровое пальто и красочный пуловер из, конечно же, ангоры (я её обожаю)!

А я уже потеряла надежду, что мне когда-либо удастся надеть эту юбку...

Vintage Loring mohair coat (eBay)
Vintage Rafaela angora sweater (eBay)
Vivienne Vivienne Tam colorblock skirt (last year)
H&M angora beanie
Leather gloves (from Russia)

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