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Adding a cape to an outfit

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Capes are not very easy to style but they are fun, and can make an outfit look fresh and interesting (in a good way!) in the sea of parkas and jackets. 
I'm wearing a vintage cape that is a bit of crossover with a poncho, it's light and warm. It has survived multiple closet cleanouts despite the fact that I wear it so rarely (I've worn it on the blog a few years back here). I still remember how I won it on an eBay auction, it was fun and I felt proud :-). Speaking of proud, I also scored this chunky vintage Ben Amun bracelet on eBay (love bracelets with charms as well)! 

Currently I'm very into baseball caps, it's especially easy with this J. Crew leopard cap (sold out now but here's a good neutral) that has definitely become a classic. It's really handy when it's drizzling outside and I don't feel like taking my umbrella, or when I have a bad hair day (happens too often lately).

My oxfords are older Dr. Martens Joyce but they have a ton of chunkier trendy versions now. 

Cold weather style

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

camel coat
burgundy scarf

It's been a real winter here for a few days, and this look was a perfect cold weather style outfit - I felt very warm, comfortable and stylish all day.

I was also excited to find a perfect place for a photo shoot right by Wayne State University, my alma mater. 

The campus has a number of amazing buildings designed by Minoru Yamasaki, a creator of the original World Trade Center in New York. I like his very unique and recognizable style. I think, I'll most definitely go back there for some more pictures! 

hand knit hat
hand knits

Я всегда старалась найти золотую середину в своих нарядах зимой, чтобы и тепло и уютно, но в то же время, в моем стиле. Этот один из моих любимых. 

Может, мне он нравится еще и потому, что мы нашли удивительное местно для съемок - у моего бывшего университета, Уейн Стейт. 

Я вспомнила, что там было несколько зданий разработанных архитектором Минору Ямасаки, автором дизайна первого Всемирного торгового центра в Нью-Йорке. Обязательно туда вернусь для будущих фотосессий.

leather gloves
classy and warm winter outfit

I'm wearing a vintage coat and button front denim skirt (eBay), Donald J Pliner boots, hand-knitted hat and scarf.
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