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Best buys

Friday, February 19, 2021

I am wearing all of my favorite things here. 

The chunky beanie from Madewell is cute but not too childish, been wearing it non-stop lately.

The must-have cable-knit turtleneck (sold out) from HM is warm, cozy and stylish, and it fits under my Uniqlo parka just great (I find it difficult to find appropriate outwear to fit the modern loose and chunky sweaters underneath). Oh, and I've worn this parka at freezing temps, and it kept me really warm. I'm impressed.

Lastly, my favorite lug sole Converse boots! 

P.S. the skinnies are from Levis :-)

Toy Story jeans

Saturday, February 13, 2021

It was earlier this winter, before we got all this snow. I'm not going to lie, it's my favorite winter in Chicago. We've got so much snow, and the temperatures are low enough for the snow to stay. 

This look was very warm and all oversized - big sweater and coat, loose jeans. Speaking of these Toy Story HM jeans... I just had to have them for the days when I don't feel like dressing into a basic denim outfit. The fabric is soft and easy to move in. 

Usually, I don't wear a lot of things from the same brand, however everything I am wearing here, except for the Converse boots, is from HM. I especially love their knits with a lot of wool content, they keep me warm as I spend so much time outside with my daughter.
Cool jeans from HM:

Warm knits:

2020 Outfit

Saturday, January 9, 2021

I called this a 2020 outfit because I wore it last year. But I'm definitely going to wear these faux leather shorts in 2021. I didn't feel it was necessary "investing" into expensive shorts, just got these at H&M. They're perfect for walking with my daughter or just run errands. 

I'm still loving this coat I've worn plenty on this blog already. I like it more as it sort of looks like a shirt jacket (shacket) that everyone in the fashion world is wearing.

I don't usually write lengthy blog posts, so I'll remain true to myself, and wish you all a happy and healthy 2021!

Ghost town

Monday, December 1, 2014

There are two days every year when I really enjoy shooting for the blog outside - Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone is gone and/or busy celebrating, and the neighborhood becomes so quiet that we can shoot practically anywhere without being in anybody's way.

Besides, I'm pretty shy and staring people may distract me from being myself, if you know what I mean.

This white faux fur coat is a gift and a very welcomed addition to my coat collection. You may still find it at your local TJ Maxx. I love it, it's so cozy, soft, warm and stylish... I can't get enough of it!

Я всегда с нетерпением жду два праздника в году: День благодарения и Рождество. Все либо уезжают к родным, либо сидят и едят дома, а это значит, что я могу фотографироваться где угодно, и не будет потока машин и глазеющих прохожих :-). 

Знаю, что это, возможно, звучит глупо, но я не из тех, кто может спокойно дефилировать перед глазеющими незнакомцами. Я очень люблю уединенные места, без отвлекающих моментов.

А теперь пару слов о пальто! В начале сезона мне очень хотелось такое под овечку и сейчас оно у меня одно из любимых и я не раз буду в нем появляться здесь!

I'm wearing Segolene en Cuir bag (Nordstom Rack), Cole Haan booties (Ruelala), AE jeans (old), pastel plaid scarf (Marshall's).
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